CYD November Election Endorsements! 

Calling all Young Democrats! Just a reminder that the below are the official CYD Endorsed Candidates and Ballot Measures.  Contact for any clarifications. California Constitutional Officers: Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown (Governor) Gavin Newsom (Lieutenant Governor) Alex Padilla (Secretary of State) Kamala Harris (Attorney General) John Chiang (Treasurer) Betty Yee (Controller) Dave Jones (Insurance Commissioner) […]

On This Patriot’s Day, Let’s Remember Those Who Have Served 

Fellow Young Democrats: Today we honor those who have lost their lives and the people that responded to the tragedy with steadfast determination. The attacks were meant to cause divisive feelings, but only served to unite fellow Americans. In the shadows of these attacks, we weren’t blue or red or green Americans, we all collectively […]

California Democratic Party is Hiring! 

NOW HIRING GOTV DIRECTORS Position Summary: The California Democratic Party is recruiting for full-time, experienced Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) Directors to work in targeted districts through the 2014 cycle. GOTV Directors will work along-side field directors to fine-tune and execute each district’s GOTV plan. The role of a GOTV director will vary based on local needs, but […]

Happy Juneteenth! 

Fellow Young Democrats: On this day, 149 years ago, America’s disgraceful practice of allowing one human being to own another was brought to an end. As General Order #3 was read in Galveston Texas, the reach of President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation stretched to all corners of the United States. Upon that General Order, the […]