Chartering Information for New and Current Young Dems Chapters is Here!

That time of year is fast approaching when Young Democrats throughout the state engage in the age-old political tradition of chartering with the California Young Democrats.  This is a chance for new Young Democratic groups to join our ranks — current chapters to show off what your organization has accomplished in the last year, track our growth and illustrate what a vast and thriving community of like-minded organizations and individuals our blue state has to offer.  It is a great time to remind ourselves why we band together to form our state organization, and the advantages that such a state-wide alliance grants each of our local programs.


For our full chartering guide and sample documents go to Your Chapter’s completed Charter Application (including Chapter Membership List, Chapter Officer List, Chapter Bylaws and Chapter Report as attachments) must be sent in a single email to no later than 11:59 pm, Monday, February 11, 2013.  

Sometimes chartering for CYD seems archaic, like a mystical system of formulas and star divination with unexpected rules, deadlines and expectations.  We find ourselves asking how could anyone possibly understand all the ins and outs?  Despite the legend, chartering can and will be a straightforward, open and informative process in 2013.  There have been a few changes since previous years, which will benefit the leadership of all our new and renewing chapters in their preparations.


Now, what is in it for you?  By chartering with the California Young Democrats your chapter gains official status within the California Democratic Party politics and the Young Democrats of America.


There are many benefits to becoming a member organization:


Voting Privileges:  Help influence the direction of CYD by voting on the Executive Committee, and seek opportunities for members of your chapter to serve on CYD committees and caucuses.


Election Resources:  Access to the CDP voter registration bounty program, union-printed “pledge-to-vote cards”, our text message program and voter file access for campaign invasions.


Online Chapter Technology:  Free access to DEMopolis, an online tool that allows chapters to track membership lists, create groups, send mass emails, create online petitions, event management and more.


Special Events:  Including the annual CYD State Convention in conjunction with the California Democratic Party, a weekend of chapter development and trainings at the biennial CYD Lake Tahoe Retreat and traveling around the country to participate in the Young Democrats of America National Convention.

Chapter Manual:  A collection of best practices and ideas that will build your membership, fundraising base and how to plan for the actions and events important to your chapter.


Professional Staff:  Available to help with programming and outreach.  Able to connect you and your chapter to state and local elected officials and other progressive grass-roots organizations.


Fundraiser Support:  CYD partners with local chapters to pull off effective fundraisers and events.  CYD also offers biannual online training sessions with professional fundraisers.


In-Depth Training:  CYD training covers fundraising, chapter management, campaign organizing, media and communications, and the basics on running for public office or party delegate.


The Chartering Guide includes everything you need to apply for your chapter’s charter, including a Check List and Time Line, Frequently Asked Questions and helpful forms and examples.  If you have any questions about any part of the process please be sure to contact us.


Please read the chartering information carefully and submit your charter application by February 11, 2013.  We welcome new and old groups to the California Young Democrats!

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