A Wrong Has Been Righted…

Today, the Supreme Court validated what Young Democrats have known all along – that discrimination is un-American.  The court struck down two laws that have been a blemish on our democracy; the Defense of Marriage Act, which restricted federal rights for legally married same-sex couples and Proposition 8, which stripped same-sex couples of the right to marry in California.

Both laws are things of the past– and today’s decisions will live on forever in history books.


Over the past year, we have seen an incredible tide of equality spread across the nation – with New York, Maryland, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and Washington all granting same-sex couples the right to marry the person they love. Today, that tide reached California.


Thousands of Californians throughout the state are commemorating this decision by rallying, marching, and partying (find a local event here).  For those of us who walked and called and volunteered countless hours to defeat Proposition 8, only have our rights stripped away on November 4 – it’s our turn to celebrate.  And this is only the beginning.


The fight for full LGBTQ equality is far from over.  We will keep working toward full equality for all Americans, because that is the only acceptable end.


Milk told us that, “Hope will never be silent.”  Today, we have one more reason to hope; and our vision of full equality is coming more into focus.



Amanda Wallner

Chair, CYD LGBTQ Caucus

About Author: California Young Democrats

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