The California Young Democrats is an all-volunteer run political organization operated by an elected board of directors with the support of many appointed leaders. Below you will find CYD’s officers for the 2018-2019 term. Officers are elected at our annual statewide convention and serve a term of one or two years, depending on the office held.


Position Name
State President Will Rodriguez-Kennedy
Vice President of Membership Valeria Hernandez
Vice President of Finance Diane Le
Vice President of Operations Jennifer Sosa
State Secretary Xochitl Medrano
National Committeewoman Christen Hebrard
National Committeeman Igor Tregub
State Parliamentarian Gabriel Smith
Political Director Mike Sharif
Communications Director Aref Aziz
Immediate Past President Eddie Kirby
President, California College Democrats Josh Donner
President, California High School Democrats Sofia Sears

Regional Officers

Position Name
North State Regional Director Chris Brieño
North Coast Regional Director Max Perrey
Bay Area Regional Director Jonathan Bash
North Valley Regional Director Jason Serang
South Valley Regional Director James Martinez
Central Coast Regional Director Jonathan Abboud
Los Angeles Regional Director Gustavo Barragan
Inland Empire Regional Director Resa Barillas
Orange County Regional Director Giovanni Chavez
South State Regional Director Codi Vierra