Sean Rivas


Sean M. Rivas is the State Vice President of Membership. He previously served as the CYD Los Angeles Regional Director and the CYD Latino Caucus Chair. Sean’s roles help him represent the 14 Los Angeles based young democratic chapters and young Latino democratic members throughout the state. He/she is a member of San Fernando Valley Young Democrats and the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley; he has served as the Corresponding Secretary for Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, and has worked to bring more young democrats onto the board.  Since being elected in the summer of 2014 as the Los Angeles Region Director, Sean has worked with the numerous chapters in the region to forge partnerships that have allowed the region to grow and work together in an effort to make an impact in all elections. Also, in 2014 when he was elected as the Chair of the CYD Latino Caucus Sean made it a personal goal to create the most active caucus the California Young Democrats have seen to date. All of his efforts to build relationships region wide has not only allowed him to expand his relationships, but has continued to grow to what is now a state wide relationship with many of his fellow officers.  Feel free to communicate with him via email at

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