CYD Commemorates LGBT Pride Month

A Special Message from CYD President John Vigna


44 years ago, on a hot and electric night in New York City, members of our community who patronized the Stonewall Inn finally had enough – enough of the persecution, enough of the raids, enough of the shame being hurled at them from every quarter.


They had enough. And they fought back.


Night after night, the sounds of broken glass were joined by voices of righteous anger, echoing along the streets of America’s First City, and eventually across the country. The sight of LGBT people standing up and fighting for their right to be treated with dignity and respect galvanized our community, and exploded the struggle of LGBT People into the national consciousness.


Last weekend, members of the our Community in Los Angeles saw something equally historic: members of the California National Guard marching with our Assembly Speaker, John A. Pérez, and seeking new recruits from the LGBT Community.


A Speaker of the California State Assembly—and a member of our community.


A Major General of the California National Guard—asking us to serve.


No image can speak so powerfully to the progress we have made as a community. And as Democrats, we are proud that our party has embraced LGBT rights and the LGBT Community.


We are proud that Harvey Milk was a Democrat.


We are proud that Senator Tammy Baldwin, Rep. Mark Takano and Speaker John A. Pérez are Democrats.


We are proud that the Democratic Party has welcomed us and made us a part of our Democratic Family.


As we commemorate Pride Month, let us reflect on the gains we have made, and recommit ourselves to those fights we’ve yet to win.


To fight for the LGBT Youth who are growing up in communities that aren’t welcoming or accepting.


To fight for LGBT Workers in the vast majority of states who can be fired simply for being who they are.


To fight for the Democratic Party, so we can keep making progress.


Democrats are committed to making the aspirations of dignity, respect and equality that fueled the Stonewall Riots a reality.


And that is why we are committed to the Democratic Party.

Proudly & Democratically Yours,

John Vigna, President

California Young Democrats


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