The bylaws allow members of similar interests to create caucuses to participate in the policy decisions and the outreach programs of the California Young Democrats. There are currently fourteen caucuses chartered with California Young Democrats.

California College Democrats (CCD)

President: Josh Donner

California High School Democrats (CAHSD)

President: Sofia Sears

Asian and Pacific Islander Caucus

Chair: Kevin Liao

Black Caucus

Chair: Sarah Hayes

Environmental Caucus

Co-Chairs: Igor Tregub

Jewish Caucus

Chair: Joshua Baum

Labor Caucus

Chair: Parshan Khosravi

Latino Caucus

Chair: Maiya De La Rosa

LGBT Caucus

Chair: Allan Acevedo

Muslim American Caucus

Chair: Mo Al Elew

Progressive Caucus

Chair: Katie Meyer

Battleground Caucus

Chair: Courtney Baxter

Veterans Caucus

Chair: Rebecca Taylor

Women’s Caucus

Chair: Andrea Smith

Rural Caucus

Chair: Spencer Dayton

Arts and Culture Caucus

Chair: Amy Randell

Family Caucus

Chair: Crystal Araujo

Technology Caucus

Chair: Devin Murphy