As young Californians, we see the mounting problems our country faces – reckless financial markets, increasing stratification and inequalities, rising costs of education and living, infringements of basic human rights – and demand preemptive and sensible political action.  We believe in a just America, a fair America, a strong America, a responsible America that defends our shared human dignity.  We young Californians choose to participate in the political process to improve the principles of our great country’s self-governance.
Equity begs us to address our mutual futures in the guidance of our policies.  This awareness begins with the pursuit of economic justice and the acknowledgement that access equals the importance of freedom from unnecessary restrictions.  We support the right of underprivileged individuals to have an effective and adequate safety net.  We support the expansion of the middle class and revenue programs that advance a level playing field.  And as young people, we support the right of every person to obtain an affordable quality education so that our nation reaps a bright future.
Freedom demands our careful vigilance to ensure that our fight for our dignity, safety, and inclusive prosperity does not encumber our individual free choice.  Instead, we believe these principles reinforce each other as we overcome challenges that threaten to dehumanize our various marginalized populations.  As Democrats, we strive to guarantee these principles through a fair, open, and free electoral process that safeguards all citizens’ right to vote.  We find regulation and taxes necessary to minimize negative externalities and market failures in our 21st century economy.
Efficiency, too, requires that we address these basic tenets without creating unnecessary waste that weighs down our country.  We seek a system that optimally gears the diligent work of all toward a thriving democracy.  Our basic principles and issue positions are well addressed in a quote by former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan:  “What we want is very simple:  we want an America as good as its promise.”